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Safety Management Council Mission Statement:

The mission of the WTA Safety Management Council
is to provide timely information, educational tools, 
and a forum for the networking and exchange of ideas
to promote safety among WTA member companies, and
reflect a positive image to the general public.

Why You'll Want to Join...

Safety professionals in the trucking industry wear many hats including driver safety and education, human resource management, enforcement issues, local, state, and federal regulations, to name a few. These tasks keep today's truck safety professionals very busy. Staying current on multiple requirements and keeping an eye on the company's bottom line is a never ending challenge.

But there is assistance available. The WTA's Safety Management Council offers safety professionals in Washington an easy and accessible source of ideas, information, and professional development for every type of operation. Promoting highway safety among Washington motorists and the trucking community is our primary focus.

In addition, the Safety Management Council hosts the Annual Washington State Truck Driving Championships and coordinates the Annual Safe Fleet, Safe Driver, and Annual Safety Professional of the Year Awards given to each of the WTA's motor carrier conferences. The council meets regularly on a monthly basis.

   Safety Management Board of Directors: 2017-2019

  Company                                                 Title                                               Name

 Country Green Turf Farms                   Chairman                                      Will Jones

 General Transport                                  ProTem Chairman                        Mike Tamboer

 Oak Harbor Freight Lines                                                                             David Martin

 Plymouth Poultry                                                                                           Kevin Ostendorf 

 Columbia Distributing                                                                               Peggy Nicholson

 Foster Farms                                                                                              Phillip Martin 

Past Chairpersons

   Name                                                        Company                                                  Dates

  Mike Southards                                       Interstate Distributor Co.                        1985 - 1987

  Howard Stirk                                            Puget Sound Truck Lines                       1987 - 1989

  Mike Johnson                                          Haney Truck Lines                                   1989 - 1991

  Jim Woods                                             Oak Harbor Freight Lines                        1991 - 1993

  Vance Butler                                           The Boeing Company                              1993 - 1999

  Dennis Morgan                                      Brownline Inc.                                            1999 - 2001

  Bruce Binder                                           Gordon Trucking                                       2001 - 2003

  Curt Burhenn                                          Peninsula Truck Lines                              2003 - 2005

  Tom Anderson                                        Interstate Distributor Co.                         2005 - 2007

  Jill Snyder                                                Premier Transport                                     2007 - 2009        

  Larry Hansen                                          Oak Harbor Freight Lines                         2009 - 2011

  G.C. Faircloth                                           Safeway                                                        2011 - 2013

  Scott Manthey                                        Interstate Distributor Co.                           2013 - 2015  

  Curt Burhenn                                          Peninsula Truck Lines Inc.                         2015 - 2017

For more information, please contact:

Mike Southards, Safety Director
Direct Phone Line:   253-236-3549
Main Line:   1-253-838-1650

Or email


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