Your help is needed

Transportation companies in Washington will be negatively affected by I-1631. Your help is needed now to stop it.


Join the WTA and support the NO on 1631 Campaign

What Is I-1631?

I-1631 is a deeply-flawed proposal to impose a new $2.3 billion escalating energy tax on Washington businesses and consumers while exempting 6 of the state’s top 10 largest polluters. Under the measure, large corporations and polluters would be protected, while families and small businesses would be forced to pay billions in higher energy costs with no guarantee it would result in a significant reduction in greenhouse gases. And to make matters worse, I-1631’s taxes will automatically increase every year – more than quadrupling by 2035 – with no cap.

I-1631 also creates a new state bureaucracy involving 14 state agencies, costing an estimated $27 million in the first five years alone. The unelected board created by I-1631 would have broad authority to disperse billions of dollars with little to no real accountability or legislative oversight and no requirements that it meets any specific requirements for reducing greenhouse gases.

How can I help in the fight against I-1631?

Here are four ways you can help keep 1631 from becoming law.

1. The Washington Trucking Associations (WTA) is a founding member of the NO on 1631 campaign, and is deeply involved in fighting this proposal. By joining the WTA, you can help us keep this initiative from becoming law, as well as fight future detrimental initiatives and proposals. We need your help now! Follow the link below to learn more about the benefits of membership with the WTA and fill out a membership application.

2. The WTA is also encouraging our members to take the first step of joining the NO on 1631 Coalition and adding your business to the growing list of Washington families, farmers, small businesses, organizations, and individuals across our state who oppose this costly and unfair energy tax on working families and consumers.

3. Also, now is the time to make sure your voter registration is current, and to encourage your employees to register to vote. Visit the Secretary of State’s office at and click on “REGISTER TO VOTE” in the top right corner of your screen.

4. Another very important way you can help defeat Initiative 1631 is to make a financial contribution today using the form on the NO on 1631 campaign website. Your donation will be vital to the campaign’s efforts to reach Washington voters with important information about this damaging initiative.