Are You Ready? ELD Enforcement starting April 1st

In the trucking industries view, the new ELD rule has leveled the playing field, ensuring that all carriers are playing by the same rules.  This doesn't allow one carrier to cut costs by “running hot”.  Now that everyone has the same cost structure, rates will have to reflect the true cost of doing business.
ELDs have brought to light how inflexible the HOS regulations are.  Now that everyone is feeling the same pain, maybe there will be enough support to push for better rules.  And the fact that shippers are feeling the pain as well in higher costs and delayed loads, maybe they will support the transportation industry in lobbying for better rules.
It may go without saying, but now that everyone is following the HOS rules, safety should improve as well.  Drivers who can't cheat on their logs, and are forced to take required breaks, should be more rested and safe behind the wheel.  It may be too soon to tell, but we hope the ELD impact will reflect a lower rate of accidents related to fatigued driving.

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