Your membership includes:

Opportunities for Personal Contact 

The WTA gives you the opportunity to meet other members of the trucking industry, allowing you an opportunity to network with other professionals and to keep abreast of the changes in the trucking industry that may very well affect your business.

Legislative Program 

The WTA has a professional lobbyist who addresses the legislative needs of the trucking industry and its allied members on a full-time basis. Our lobbying efforts encourage the passage of legislation which is good for your business and discourages the passage or changes in legislation that could be detrimental to your profit picture.

Public Relations 

The WTA was established in 1922, making it the oldest state associations in existence. The staff has forged many long term relationships with members of state and local government. The WTA helps promote the image of the trucking industry through programs that stimulate awareness of the industry's achievements and contributions.

Annual Conventions 

The WTA has one major convention a year, the WTA Leadership Conference & Exhibition. This convention draws together industry members and, in cooperation with the Suppliers Conference, allows members an opportunity to network, socialize, and learn from our guest speakers. 

Scholarship Program 

The Suppliers Conference administers a student Scholarship Program for deserving WTA members and their immediate family members wishing to pursue studies at an accredited University or Vocational School.

Improved Sales 

By taking advantage of our Buyers Guide, the public, and even other Members can easily find and contact you, creating new sales opportunities.

To Join The WTA

For membership inquiries or questions, please contact the WTA office at (253) 838-1650 or via e-mail at to speak with a Members Relations Manager.